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  • Importance of Routines

    Routines and schedules can be very helpful tools for managing day-to-day stress.  An effective routine can help reduce stress which leads to better mental health, more time to relax, and less anxiety.  This is because routines offer our body and our brains consistency, and when we know what is coming (for the most part, because the unexpected often happens) it leads to better mental health.  And when the unexpected stress does come along, we are in a better position to manage them. 

    I often advise clients to start with their nightly routines.  Remember, adults need at least 8 hours of sleep.  I want you to decide right now what your bedtime should be, maybe it’s 10pm.  Now, construct a nightly routine for yourself.  Maybe this includes showering or washing your face at 9pm, followed by a skincare routine (self-care is so important, more on self-care later!).  Then maybe at 9:30pm you read a book and at 9:45pm engage in some mindfulness meditation before snoozing at 10pm.  Routines like your sleep schedule and bedtime habits affect your mental sharpness, emotional wellbeing, and energy levels. 

    Now, I want you to consider your morning routine.   Have you ever woken up in such a hurry, where you pressed the snooze button way too many times and now you are rushing to get dressed, get ready, make sure everyone eats breakfast, and rush out the door?  Now you are driving and feel so discombobulated that you maybe even forgot something at home, and now this sets a frustrating tone for the rest of the morning or day; sound familiar?

    Getting into a consistent morning routine can help alleviate this stressful start to your day (that then leaves an impact on the rest of your day!) and instead leave you feeling refreshed, accomplished, and organized.  An effective morning routine may look something like this: you wake a little earlier to engage in some “me-time,” maybe this includes some exercise, stretching, meditation, or drinking coffee/tea undisturbed.  Followed by having enough time to get dressed and ready.  Followed by enough time to get some breakfast in your system (eating breakfast does wonders to your mental health, more on that later!).  Now you are ready to commute from your home (or work from home/remotely) in a more relaxed, and not discombobulated, state; and this sets a positive tone for the rest of your day.

    Routines are important and effective routines helps improve overall mental health and reduce stress levels.  I encourage you to revamp both your nighttime and morning routine to what suits your needs.  Shoot us an email or leave a comment on insta and me know how it goes!