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  • Professional Intern Program

    At Counseling Corner, our mission is to provide individuals with professional therapy services.  We offer virtual therapy services in English and in Spanish and it is important for us to spread our reach within the community.  Currently, we offer reduced rate therapy sessions and also do free presentations on mental health topics within our Lake County community, both via zoom and in-person at local-area libraries.  In order to help us meet our mission of extending our reach in the community, we have chosen to include Interns in our process so that they may also learn how to provide professional therapy services.  

    Our Professional Intern Program offers therapy sessions for $35/session, thereby making therapy more affordable to those who may not otherwise afford therapy.  Here is the process:

    1) Schedule an intake session with an intern

    2) During the intake session, you will complete a thorough assessment, where your needs are identified. 

    3) Next, you will with either continue therapy with the intern or the intern will provide you with quality local referrals it it’s outside of their area of expertise. 

    All therapy sessions with interns are closely supervised by a fully licensed Therapist. 

    55 min session RATE with one of our Professional Interns: $35